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American Buddhist Women

SUSA's quarterly eZine

The first tenet of Sakyadhita USA's mission is to establish an inclusive alliance of Buddhist women in the U.S., across all traditions, lineages, practices, ethnicities and life styles. The aim of this quarterly electronic magazine is to reach out through dialogue with Buddhist women in the U.S. and to invite your participation in this eZine.


In particular, we want to invite women members of diverse communities to contribute to American Buddhist Women. If you are a member of an African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latina American or LGBTQ, or other minority community, or if you are a member of an ethnically Buddhist community, and if you identify as a dharma practitioner in any tradition, and if you have an interest in contributing to American Buddhist Women, please email the editors at:

Beginning with Issue 7, Summer 2015, SUSA's electronic quarterly (eZine) American Buddhist Women was moved to its own website at: Issues prior to Issue 7, can be downloaded as pdf files from the adjacent column.

Issue 7, Summer 2015

"Reports from the Sakyadhita International Conference: Yogyakarta, Indonesia, June 23-30, 2015."

Issue 9, Winter 2016

"Remembering Rita Gross: July 6, 1943 - November 11, 2015."

Issue 8, Fall 2015

"Inclusiveness and Opening the Path"

Issue 10, Spring 2016

"Reclaiming Mindfulness: What's missing in the mindfulness revolution?"


Issue 6, Spring 2015, "Buddhist Women and Leadership"

Issue 5, Winter 2015, "Beauty: What's Buddhism Got to Do with It?" This issue explores the relationship between beauty and dharma practice. Where do personal aesthetics fit into a practitioner's discernment of appropriate choices? What does the historical literature tell us about Buddhist attitudes and practices surrounding personal beauty? Finally, the relationship between dharma practice and art/aesthetics is explored in interviews with four contemporary American women artists who are dharma practitioners.

Issue 4, Fall 2014, "Mothering and Dharma." Four American Buddhist women write about dharma's role in mothering their own children. These women's personal stories demonstrate how dharma practice can under-gird and support us practically and spiritually during our most challenging life circumstances.

Issue 3, Summer 2014, "Caregiving to Our Mothers," exploring how dharma/dhamma practice can be helpful in this challenging undertaking. Also artwork from "the Hands" series by UK artist Martha Aitchison.

Issue 2, Spring 2014, Featuring a special article by Rita Gross, "Precious Birth, Precious Earth: a Buddhist View of Sustainability," Also the program of the 9th Annual Buddhist Women's Conference held March 2014 and "Sharing Our Stories" by Janet Nima Taylor and Jacqueline Kramer.

Issue 1, Winter 2014, In "Sakyadhita Sisters," five American Buddhist Women share about their lives and their practice. Carol Winkelmann reviews Michaela Haas' new book Dakini Power: Twelve Extraordinary Women Shaping the Transmission of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.


Issue 13, Winter 2017

Conference Program

2017 One-Day Conference at University of the West, Rosemead, CA

Co-sponsored by Sakyadhita USA and University of the West

Theme: “Diversity in the Dharma: Buddhist Women Engage Race and Exclusionary Politics in America.”


Issue 12, Fall 2016

"Black Snakes Shed Their Blood Hell Skins: University of the West and the Ground of Women's Spiritual Liberation" with Guest Editor Pamela Ayo Yetunde and students and faculty of University of the West.


"Celebrating the 2600 Year Anniversary of the Founding of the Bhikkhunī Sangha"

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